Company Introduction

American Global Health Group, LLC,"AGHG", was established by the Jewett Family in the United States. The Jewett Family has been recognized by the US medical community for its dedication to progressive development of natural resources for the health and benefit of mankind. After extensive research conducted on Aloe Vera, they established a global team of experts to create Aloe Vera based health and beauty products.


A short nine years after they imported the first American Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller plants into the tropical regions of the Pearl River Delta, AGHG has developed one of the largest networks of organically certified aloe farms and manufacturing facilities in the world. From this network AGHG produces its AloeCure® and AloeDerma™ brands and ships to countries across the globe.

AGHG's Aloe Vera

AloeCure's leading attribute, the one thing that takes all of its products above industry standards and delivers consistency in product quality, is the Aloe Vera.


Organic certification of American Global Health Group, LLC, "AGHG", Aloe Vera is done through ECOCERT SA (France) which is thought by many to be one of the most demanding certification entities for sustainable growing and production. To achieve their organic certification AGHG uses no chemicals in the growing process. The fertilizers used are organic and the plants are never treated with herbicides or pesticides. As a result, no chemical residue is present when the plants are harvested for production;


In addition to assuring that our source of Aloe Vera is organic, we have the highest standards for active ingredients. Through laboratory testing before the aloe leaves are harvested, we make sure our aloe leaves exceed all international standards. Only with confirmed positive laboratory results do we authorize harvesting.

AGHG's Processing Facilities

It has long been known that the therapeutic component of Aloe Vera is the polysaccharides. As explained by aloe expert Dr. Ivan Danhof, the process of isolating and preserving aloe polysaccharides from the leaf is one of the major and most critical indicators of the quality and value of Aloe Vera juice. Polysaccharides are long chain sugars, and if the chains are broken into shorter pieces they are less effective. The extraction process thus has a direct impact on the beneficial activities of the Aloe Vera juice.


AGHG's own experts successfully developed an organic manufacturing process and facility that extracts only the inner gel component of the Aloe Vera leaf without causing damage to the polysaccharide chains. During this same process AGHG also removes virtually all of the aloin from the Aloe Vera juice. Aloin is a part of the Aloe Vera plant's natural defense system that is extremely bitter in taste and also serves as a strong laxative. It is this extraction process, known as Advanced SATT Technology that allows AGHG to produce pharmacy grade raw aloe vera gel and juices for use in its health and skin care product lines.


AGHG's processing facilities have attained the following certificates: Health Food GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices); HACCP Food Safety Management System Certification; Organic Certification of Process, ECOCERT SA (France); ISO 22000 Quality Management System Certification; Pure Food Hygiene Permit; Food QS Permit; and Cosmetic Hygiene Permit and FDA label approval. These certifications authorize AGHG to sell products produced in its facilities throughout the world.

AloeCure's combination of high quality and high potency are the key to it being the best and most effective Aloe Vera supplement available.

AloeCure's processing facilities have attained the following certificates:


  • Health Food GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

  • HACCP Food Safety Management System Certification

  • Organic Certification of Process, ECOCERT SA (France)

  • ISO 22000 Quality Management System Certification

  • Pure Food Hygiene Permit; Food QS Permit

  • FDA label approval

Aloe Vera juice is widely consumed throughout the world as a way of healing ailments including digestive tract problems, stimulating the immune system and regulating blood sugar levels. AGHG offers the purest organic aloe juice that does not contain aloin and its bitter taste.



AloeCure has many advantages over other international Aloe Vera health products:

  • 1) Highest quality organic aloe juice
  • 2) Not subjected to Charcoal Filtering or enzyme treatment
  • 3) Not freeze dried and then rehydrated
  • 4) No Potassium Sorbate
  • 5) No Sugar added
  • 6) No bitter aloin, thus a pleasant taste
  • 7) It is not whole leaf juice

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